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Sega Model 3 games
« on: November 05, 2013 - 02:23:33 »
For me, the best emulation: Supermodel_0.3a-WIP_SVN270 (the emulator) with SUI_v0.9.151 (the frontend).
Unzip Supermodel_0.3a-WIP_SVN270 (the emulator) in a folder and unzip within SUI_v0.9.151 (the frontend SuperModelUI 0.9 build 151). Run Supermodel-UI.exe
Once inside go to Archive, and choose your language.
Go to Tools and Options, change the display settings and the control buttons (you can download the Supermodel.ini inside the Config folder to get a better setup).

Games that do not reach the intro (Scud Racer and Daytona), once you run the game and black screen appears with letters, press button 6, and moving with choosing Game 2 Link ID assignments and choose Singles, then leave