Author Topic: Poll (playing videogames): Joystick (Arcade stick), Pad or Keyboard?  (Read 3276 times)

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Poll (playing videogames)

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Wait... Can you play this stuff we're collecting?  ;D
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depends on the game?
trackball or coin-op joystick where possible.
have absolutely ZERO time for mouse and (RSI making) keyboards in games. ;D
unable to view poll status or cast vote, browser not drawing anything like that up...:???:
wasting time online, when i could be getting wasted and playing games...:(

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Depends on the game...

Also, on your likes and dislikes..

I HATE, complicated button combinations...for specialized moves, as I dont remember them and find myself just hitting buttons and moving joysticks

Trackballs....never been very good at those sort of games...

Pacman, Is

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I've always been happy playing games using the keyboard..

I became very adept at using a trackball on quake, kingpin etc.... can't do without a trackball now for day to day use of the computer... Microsoft trakball... this one i have now is over 10 years old.. it doesnt work too well.. useable..

I bought a replacement from e-bay as they no longer manufacture them.. cost me £40... although i see them advertised for a couple of hundred or so... anyway... keyboard and trackball for me... never did like joysticks or pads...

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Got so much used to playing with the keyboard from the Speccy days.
Can't get over it, although admittedly many games benefit from a stick. So I vote for something that I know is wrong. But I'm an old man, can't shake my yearlong habits!  ;D ;D ;D

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Though I started my gaming career in the Arcades with a Joystick at age 8, I could never get used to most arcade games because the joystick was always left-handed. I thought after retiring from the Arcades at 22, I would never be able to play more video games due to school and stuff. In the Fall of 2003 in college, a friend introduced Mame to me in his laptop, he shared the games with me on my borrowed laptop from school, it took me a little while to get used to the keyboard, and frankly, it worked out for me and I've been into Mame and Mame Plus ever since with the keyboard since I'm naturally right-handed in Joystick terms. I currently have a C.O.D. Modern Warfare 2 Gaming keyboard with Anti Ghosting in which I'm typing with as I speak, what I like about this keyboard that I had trouble with my then laptop, is the fact that I accidentally touch the Windows key each time if I were to shoot, punch, whatever the case was. My keyboard for my desktop has a lock above Pause/Break that locks the Windows key from touching it by accident if you were to make a move of some sorts.

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When playing an arcade game, I use an arcade joystick.
When playing a console game, I use a console joypad.
When playing a fighting or shooting game on console, I use a console joystick.