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EmuCon Icon Pack
« on: August 24, 2015 - 15:08:04 »
Well, not really an emulator since this is a front end.

Anyway, I posted this over at MW forum before but I will re-post it here since I really love this front end. Why I love it? Well...because it's so simple to set up and working fabulously on windowed mode with a Win interface.

And that being said, this is an icon pack for the FE that you can download over [You are not allowed to view links] Register or Login

Here are some screens:

And here's the [You are not allowed to view links] Register or Login for the icon pack.

To apply the new icons, just replace the old one inside the same folder structure.

Credits for the icons goes to starvingartist's amazing antiseptic icon, and various sources on the internet (I forgot where I get those icons..)