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Re: Gruby's AdventurePack
« Reply #1410 on: January 13, 2018 - 11:44:36 »
If you have nothing from the collection, the torrent is a good starting point.
Also a good starting point is if you have TOSEC and eXo's SCUMVMM collection (any version will be better than nothing).

Then you can follow the request thread
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Pass through ALL posts that have links to partial fills, use what stil works.
When you reach the end, if you are still not complete, you can post (there) a fixdat.


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Re: Gruby's AdventurePack
« Reply #1411 on: January 13, 2018 - 13:38:47 »
The TC Grubby torrent is the 20171001 version. just 2 1/2 months old now.

I am using a crazy huge dat structure in romvault. based on attractivos newest UDC.

since these Grubys newest dats are not yet included I do a side thing (in case of UDC updates. I would hate to go searching though 1,000s of folders for my added stuff)

these are datroot folder structures I use for Gruby...

DATRoot > DATs 4 [unsorted] > Emulator > Multi > ScummVM > Gruby > (General) - Computer > Gruby [ ]

(Variations) > 20160903- AddonPack -[XML].zip
20170601 (folder containing dats)

DATRoot > DATs 4 [unsorted](CW) > Emulator > Multi > ScummVM > Gruby > (General) - Computer > Gruby [ ]

20171001 (folder containing dats)

lets say I want to update from 20171001 to 20171208. I would just zip 20171001 and unzip 20171208, move 20171001's ROMRoot to the tosort folder. update dats, scan fix. whats left behind in the tosort folder is the rollback between the 2 of them, assuming previous version was all green to start with. whats in the corresponding romroot folder is everything but new needs. dats within a zip archive in the datroot, are not recognized as dats by romvault, very handy IMO. as long as the torrent is based upon torrentzip, corresponding dats are known, easy to get, or better yet included, its easy to maximize the preload of the download.
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