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NO verify as of the time...
« on: April 06, 2016 - 02:09:04 »
... :P... of dumping and sharing the disks.
i haven't correlated the hashes with the latest dat package kindly supplied by Kludge yet.
it was a shit to get the ones i have, using 'cleanrip 2.0.0.' for the wii. (tool)
it pulls a db through a proxy ?gc-forever? (i think) and it hashes the image as it's dumped.
getting misses was a norm.
this is for wii games. (PAL-EUR)
they've been uploaded elsewhere, but since there's actual dumpers here, and there's no chance of me pissing in the same bucket, have these UNIQUE ring codes and update the db's PLEASE!  ;D
take the credits if there's any, keep me out of it.
cheers, and thanking you.
Only registered users can see contents. Please click here to Register or Login. oh, if and when i get more actual NO VERIFIES at the time od dumping any given disk i'm able to, i'll add the ring/mastercode to this bench and the bull wrestlers can take it from there.
have fun, and thanks to all for the tools, posted results and general cooperation.
keep doing it!  ;D
erm, thanks, but i deliberately created the subject in general chat for the very reason of liberties, and it wasn't really a req, just a share, i KNOW my place.
not full of myself to make any such reqs.
i come armed to partake, or no post, it has to count, i learned that the hard way... :'(
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wasting time online, when i could be getting wasted and playing games...:(