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Edge magazine scans wanted
« on: July 26, 2017 - 02:33:44 »
I think I'm going to get flamed here but here it goes, a while ago I scanned my whole Edge Magazine collection and uploaded it to box and would then read on my old HP Touchpad. Long story short my life went to crap and I've lost my PC with the PDF's and my box login. Anyway I've been searching for  PDF's of them for a while and through torrents and usenet I've managed to find a lot, I know very little about TOSEC but know that some updates contain the mags, usenet has been fruitless for grabbing the dump so I'm willing to offer cash/paypal for anyone who can help complete my collection, torrent, cloud download whatever. Please PM me if you can help and we can work something out.

Hope this request is ok, really gutted I lost all my work and mags.