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Re: Crazy idea
« Reply #15 on: May 31, 2017 - 20:39:32 »
I'm happily sharing my content already, There is no price, as others help each other out at the same price.
When you build a community, some people (usually the same people) step forward, and try lead the idea.
Some who have little to no money still "contribute" in their own way, There aren't unfair expectations, IF
you are of the attitude that what I have I prefer to share, and would love to find other stuff, NOT ONLY
with ease, but actually get the files, instead of having to remove paywall, or be in a queue for forever,
and being trickled fed data at 2KB/sec or similar.

I have single handedly managed to push the entire PS3 set (13TB at the time) to peers over torrents,
that was a really upbeat and respected thing to do, and the peers were very appreciative.
That is worth more to me than money  8)