Author Topic: [WIP] IPS folder v4.4 ALTERNATIVE TEST (30-05-2017)  (Read 691 times)

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[WIP] IPS folder v4.4 ALTERNATIVE TEST (30-05-2017)
« on: May 28, 2017 - 14:05:21 »
Hello people this is a alternative repack dedicated to IPS,
is a mix of v4.3 final pack and v4.4 TEST 2016 (Release By CreamyMamy)

This pack includes old IPS, new IPS and
some fixed IPS, the absolute best package!!! :o

This alternative repack of IPS is compatible for various versions of:
WinKawaks, NeoRageX, MAME PLUS, FBA and FBA Shuffle.

Attention: some emulators are unable to properly
enable the patches, because this reason:
missing of some roms components (removed in the recent versions),
different roms files and CRC, problem of compile build.

The Final Burn Alpha by BarryHarris have IPS support but not work perfectly,
the Final Burn Alpha Shuffle by CreamyMamy and Mame Plus work
fine the 70% of this IPS files (obviously making except someone)

This repack allows the 80% of possible hacks coverted from physical hacked roms to IPS files.
Unfortunately missing only some hack not converted in IPS files,
for example: the Anniversary Edition Hack of The King Of Fighters
96-97-98-99 and other hack roms not converted in IPS files. :'(

In particular some roms hack are working perfectly only in Chinese Emulators Builds:
Nmamex2, Caname, Mame32m, Mame32k, Mame Plus, FBA Shuffle and hacked WinKawaks.

All Anniversary Edition Hacks of The King Of Fighters 96-97-98-99
in HBMAME and FBA by BarryHarrys work fine but have some problems:
some bugs, some glitches, bad sound, lack of some aspects regarding this hacks.

The official MAME build, MAMEUI and ARCADE build they do not have support for managing IPS,
but is possible use the IPS gestor trought the MxUI v1.0.0 available down in attachments. ;)

I hope a day can be converted in IPS files the missing hack
(those still to be converted from physical hacked roms to IPS files)
A hug to everyone. ;D
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