Author Topic: trying to extract 7z from multiple folders, and keep structure. any help please?  (Read 329 times)

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I downloaded some Neo Kobe rom collections, but I have a problem. The way they were organized, separate folders with the 7z inside each folder.
I'm trying to extract all the 7z files that are in multiple folders and keep the structure the same. But 7z only allows me to choose a specific location to extract them. How to I extract all the 7z in their folders and keep the structure?? please and thanks for any help.

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go to your installationfolder of your 7z.
rightclick 7zfm.exe - start as admin
go to "tools" - "options" - "7z" - select context menu items.

for the structure:
you have to go into each folder, extracting the files with right-click --> "extract to \*"
then it looks like this

"neo kobe\folder-a\files-extracted-to-folders-a-to-z"
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Another solution i have used:

Download xsearch here --> [You are not allowed to view links] Register or Login

Execute xsearch :
                              put the folder name which contains the 7zip in "Search in" field's.
                              click "Search"
                              Sort the filetype --> click "type" column
                              Select all 7zip and go to another window with right mouse button.

As D34con says, activate context menu items in 7-zip file manager.
Select, in context menu, 7zip "extract to \"
The result is to decompress all 7zip files and put each files in a folder.

If you want all files in same folder (without creating any new folder), select, in contect menu, extract here.
The result is to decompress all 7zip files in same folder.

As you want.

Good luck.


Picture to show you (in french):

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I usually go to the head folder using windows explorer, put *.7z .... whatever in the search bar, select the archive files found, then use winrar / extract here to separate folder from context menu. This extracts each archive within its own folder, then just delete the archive files (if no errors of course, they stayed selected anyway).
In fact, that would be same screen caps as the ones from Amiga12, except:
- on left one i would use winrar extract here from the context menu
- on the right one it would be windows explorer
Never had issues doing that.

This adds one extra level, that i do not mind, as it is usually to be scanned then managed through dats, but just realised it is not what you are looking for, sorry.

Basically, i use winrar for everything (including .7z), but noticed winrar is usually unable to deal with some weird old .zip files (mostly arround 2000-2005), while 7zip usually is able to

Will test Amiga12's tool anyway, thanks for info !
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this is how I was able to finally do it -

right click start - run - type cmd - hit enter to bring up command prompt

cd !location of directory!

type -
cd C:\Users\Michael\Desktop\Fujitsu FM-7
hit enter


for /F "DELIMS=" %I IN ('dir /b /s *DOT FILE TYPE HERE') DO ( "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" x -aos -o"%~dpnI" "%I" )

so final, type into command prompt -

for /F "DELIMS=" %I IN ('dir /b /s *.7z') DO ( "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" x -aos -o"%~dpnI" "%I" )
hit enter
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