Author Topic: Hyperspin 441GB Hyperspin setup – CB :o ???  (Read 887 times)

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Hyperspin 441GB Hyperspin setup – CB :o ???
« on: May 01, 2018 - 15:03:02 »
Someone now this ISO?
Hyperspin 441GB Hyperspin setup – CB :o
Ore where I can get it ?

Hyperspin 441GB Hyperspin setup – CB

contains roms and emulators and all required media:-


American Laser Games
Amstrad GX4000
Apple II
Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Bandai WonderSwan
Bandai WonderSwan Color
Commodore Amiga
Commodore Amiga CD32
Fairchild Channel F
Future Pinball
GCE Vectrex
Interton VC4000
Magnavox Odyssey 2
Microsoft MSX
Microsoft MSX2
NEC TurboGrafx-CD
Nintendo 64
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo Famicom Disk System
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Nintendo Wii
Panasonic 3DO
Pinball FX2
Sammy Atomiswave
Sega 32X
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Sega Master System
Sega Model 2
Sega Model 3
Sega Naomi
Sega Saturn
Sega SG-1000
Sharp X1
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
SNK Neo Geo CD
Sony PlayStation
Sony Playstation 2
Sony PSP
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Taito Type X
Touhou Project
VTech Creativision
Watara Supervision

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Re: Hyperspin 441GB Hyperspin setup – CB :o ???
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2018 - 16:49:14 »

This release is not on usenet, only torrent. You will easily find it on first serarch results when googling

Hyperspin 441GB Hyperspin setup – CB magnet

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Re: Hyperspin 441GB Hyperspin setup – CB :o ???
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2018 - 00:51:45 »
Not saying this is 'exactly' what you're looking for, but in case you're interested, you can go here... [You are not allowed to view links] Register or Login and do a search for Hyperspin.

I did and came up with 98 results that totaled well over 1TB and they were posted within the past 226 days.

I didn't analyze the uploads and none of them include an info file, so you're on your own. Also, four of the posts alone are over 300 GB each.

Just wanted to give you something to think about... and possibly make you squirm... but just a little  ;)