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General Chat / Re: Advise on FW NSW needed
« Last post by MaTi on Today at 13:13:01 »
Thanks guys!
As Xecuter does not seem to care about FW versions, there does not seem to be any reason to upgrade.. If all functionalities will be available for 3.0.0 as well.
So, Ill just do nothing for now (which I am an expert in btw) ;).

2 / Re: Missing Dreamcast
« Last post by D34con on Today at 13:08:52 »
skunk, fixdat please.
looks like you got already files which i try to avoid uploading it.
Undatted Files / Re: NSW Games and Updates
« Last post by YoshiCrystal on Today at 12:47:43 »
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Splatoon 2 3.0.1 EUR dump pls?
q coincidencia xd
No-Intro / Re: No-Intro Roms Set
« Last post by platanos on Today at 12:38:57 »
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Updated :
Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis    20180515-200728    1.850 / 1.850
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System    20180518-074502    3.491 / 3.491
Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System    20180518-062009    2.758 / 2.758
Nintendo - Nintendo DSi    20180513-074931    16 / 16
Nintendo - Nintendo DS    20180514-121321    7.037 / 7.048
Nintendo - Nintendo 3DS (DLC)    20180427-134145    970 / 970
Nintendo - Nintendo 3DS    20180518-074707    1.883 / 1.885

Added :
Microsoft - XBOX 360 (DLC)    20180424-101001    5.475 / 5.475


Are you still uploading PSX Redump set?
No-Intro / Re: Sega - Game Gear fix request
« Last post by fprietog on Today at 12:30:58 »
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is this MIA: Name : Royal Stone - Hirakareshi Toki no Tobira (Japan) ?
The one attached?
TruRip / Re: Trurip 2017 Requests
« Last post by attractivo on Today at 12:27:52 »
currently looking for one amiga cd set, any help? ->
Scene Releases / Re: iQue Scene (Official Chinese "n64")
« Last post by Jhynjhiruu on Today at 12:24:10 »
Some of that info is wrong.
Firstly, it wasn't necessarily a Taiwanese version of OoT - just traditional Chinese.
1. The tickets tell the system menu to expect a keepalive call from demos - if the calls aren't sent, the game resets to the menu. This is also how the timer is counted.
2. You need a ticket to decrypt the games - either that or bruteforce massive keys.
4. Saves are mapped to RAM (the games write there) and flushed to the NAND by the system menu.
5. It's really easy to dump the NAND (has been for a while) using a slightly modified version of a diagnostics tool included in the software package.
6. The images for iQue@Home (including the box art) for Majora's Mask are on iQue's OSC (), but no-one knows about the game.
A note: iQue Player ROM not iQue ROM. The first iQue ROM dumps were probably the iQue GBA games.
TOSEC (non-ISO) / Re: TOSEC v2018-04-01 Fix Requests
« Last post by AOxygen on Today at 12:01:39 »
All green now, thanks!! <3
General Chat / Re: Advise on FW NSW needed
« Last post by Bisamrat on Today at 11:54:48 »
Stay on version 3.0.0 (lower is better), if you want easy homebrew and possible CFW through software glitches. Besides why update now if the TX hack you talk about isn’t even out yet.

The other CFW that should be rleased during the same time as TX is called Atmosphère At has emunand. Which is much saver / better to update then your actual FW.
Scene Releases / Re: [REQ] NSW Scene
« Last post by lemonman on Today at 11:52:05 »
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You dont happen to have Fifa on 1fischier ?

the multiup links I posted earlier in this thread should have 1fichier links included
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