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Title: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: StanA4957ZED on February 22, 2017 - 23:06:15
I tried this over at PD and I was pleasant about it until some A%%Hole tried to make it into a piracy issue.

I never once asked for someone to pirate anything.  I did argue the logic of what's in or denies in TOSEC.
I asked either send me their copy or sell me their copy because I am not paying full price to some drive by night seller off the street in Germany.

I contacted many numbers including HAAGE and no one is responding.

The Amiga is 20 years old, the software is just the same and no one other than re sellers are selling the damn thing.
Re sellers are not supporting Amiga Software some 20 years old.

If some 3rd world socialist nut job from Brazil doesn't agree with my portrayal of a flee market seller out of Pakistan OF WHICH there are many in Germany then ask me to change the wording so I don't offend Mr. Pudding Pop.
Instead the guy locks my topic so now I can't make the purchase.

Lets face reality....We all know what's what so stop kidding about TOSEC, Piracy or Collecting.

I need an ORIGINAL with Manuals so I can create an updated MAME/MESS for the Amiga Community.
If you want to put up these roadblock to sensitivity to peanut butter then you lose not me.
You want to lock topics and ban me then I prefer you didn't but if you do then I'll just have to cope by crying in a corner.
If you haven't noticed, PD has nothing to offer now that the collectors already have everything.
They made themselves irrelevant last Christmas by giving away everything for free.

I'm not ungrateful but people like that tick me off and I know there is a sister relationship with this board so I guess I'm in hot water over here as well.

So AGAIN, I would like to buy an USED or NEW ORIGINAL COPY of Storm C 4 with manuals if anyone has it.
I will pay for shipping and handling as long as it's not an arm and a leg.

Thank you.
Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: Zandro on February 23, 2017 - 03:39:11
Please, you can't be pleasant enough to prevent eye rolling from post one, always sounding like you have a charging barge up your ass.  Your slight against coccola is also not welcome.  Thanks for trying, but preservation for MAME doesn't need to be made a public affair.

I assume you've already found the official source, but if it wasn't clear:
Quote from:
Alinea are the official distributers of StormC
Quote from:
StormC wird auf CD ausgeliefert und ist für nur 49,95 Euro in unserem OnlineShop erhältlich.
(StormC is delivered on CD and is available for only 49,95 Euro in our online shop.)

As for the manual...
Quote from:
I thought StormC 4 never came with a printed manual. I bought my copy from H&P and at the time they said that it only ever came with online help as I asked about a printed manual.
Go here for official resources (StormC4-Docs):

I'd be pleasantly surprised if you get a better offer.
Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: StanA4957ZED on February 23, 2017 - 04:24:36
Thank you....
Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: StanA4957ZED on February 23, 2017 - 04:34:08
First link...2015
2nd link Aline, I will contact them..
Haage never returned my email.
Last link, updates from 2007 as I said, the project is DEAD the same as the Amiga.

My sny comments to Mr. Brazilian wax is just that.
I will not be POLITICALLY CORRECTED into silence because HE feels I made a racist remark about Pakistanis which is far from the truth.

If you haven't noticed the world is fed up with the PC police and this liberalism crap.

Some idiot store in Britain removed their Walking Dead T-shirt because some nut job said it was racist.
Maybe you put up with that nonsense but we voted last November to put an end to it the same as the Brits and Brexit.

And before you have something say that I hate England I am also a Knights Templar and swore an allegiance to the Queen.

Pip Pip.
Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: Zandro on February 23, 2017 - 04:52:05
Huh. Thought you were from Florida, and I was going to say that USA has its own problems with political merchandising (  Using one's affiliation with a holy organization as leverage for holding a holier-than-thou attitude is bold.  The original beholders of your title practically established banking in Europe, right?
Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: StanA4957ZED on February 23, 2017 - 04:58:55
Say once again thanks.

The people I just had a chat with said Storm C4 hasn't been supported in awhile now and Storm C5 which is for OS4, which is dead, hasn't been updated or supported since 2012.

Like I said, second hand stock and second hand stores.
Being Storm C 3, 2001, is free I'll play with that being as I already own it.

If no one is selling a used version of SC4 then so be it.
I know your not doing anything with it and it's sitting on your collectors shelf with all the other junk that your wife will donate to the thrift store when you pass on.

This was an easy way for you to make some money just like the ADAM nobody has but is all over EBay.
Lord know half of you don't work in the first place.
Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: wiggy2k on February 23, 2017 - 09:29:21
That's some sense of entitlement and superiority you have there pal.

Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: NLS on February 23, 2017 - 09:35:13
Damn man, I am a difficult person, but you give it a new meaning. :D

...and making it harder for people to help you and yourself to get the help you need - and that said, as much as I am an Amiga lover, I don't care if you port MAME to 68k or not, so I don't "lose" nor will I make you a statue if you do it.

Your point behind all the sh*t talk, is semi-valid, I give you that. Indeed "dead" computer (Amiga will never really die), dead OS, dead product, all unsupported.
That doesn't mean, in an open market world, if someone got something for money (or even for free it doesn't make a difference) to ask money to sell it. Tough luck. If the price is absurd, try to make a bargain or forger it I guess.

Anyway, I hope someone sends you their copy of Storm C V4, mostly to shut you up (and then maybe see the results of your work if you wanna share them).

Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: StanA4957ZED on February 24, 2017 - 10:29:08
No, actually I should apologize for being rude to you guys for trying to help.

I'm going to use a PD version of C++ and also see how Lattice C works out.
I'm used to C++ which is a heck of a lot easier when working with classes and pointers.
I could just make a version using 68020 ASM, more likely 040 but I think that would cause more trouble than it's worth as well as a complete rewrite.

BTW, banned over at PD after being a loyal contributor for around 5 years now.
All because I got into an argument with a guy who has the keys to the kingdom.
It's apparent some people are just children.

Let's be very frank.
I have everything I ever needed from PD which is all on Usenet anyway.
If I really was bothered by this, which I'm not.
I can change my Mac Address and IP then create a new account.
But I am taking the high road because I really feel they lost their way back when they started censoring TRURIP and kicked to the curb a really good friend of mine who was there almost from the beginning.

Not naming names.

This isn't COA or brown nosing but at least you guys really pull through with the DS stuff and I really mean a phenomenal job with USENET preservation.

I ask that just because I have issues with PD that show NO loyalty and stab people in the back that you don't take it out on me here.

If I offended anyone over here I apologize once again.

If you guys want to ban me because I sometimes come off as a dick I just ask who among you hasn't on occasion just got fed up and let it out.

Anyway, thanks again.
Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: NLS on February 24, 2017 - 11:22:42
I can't speak of the admins here, I can't speak of the admins there.
I can only speak as NLS.

Since I followed the original thread, it actually looked like you were looking for a ban. Nuff said.
Myself I have been banned from PD more than once. And I am there since almost the beginning. As you, I never took the "hack" path (it is really easy for me, I have multiple static IP, I also have a dynamic IP account, I can handle my MAC, my cookies, I have plenty of alternative email over the years. It would be stupid though.
Still they allowed me back. I am a non-native English speaker, I am a direct person and like you I like to make a point and expect a fight with counter points, not "that is that, bye". I guess we cannot change character (our, or theirs). So I try to stay on common ground, since it's "their" home.
Indeed they are sensitive about some things, more sensitive than they should for some of them. It's their site, their rules.

Try open source C++ if you can find.
Title: Re: WANTED, a USED VERSION of STorm C 4
Post by: Terra_Cresta on February 24, 2017 - 14:41:12
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I can't speak of the admins here
I can - consider this thread locked.  StanA4957ZED, I'll be watching your posts very closely from now on. Consider that fair warning.