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Scene Releases / Re: WiiU Scene Missing
« Last post by Asia81 on Today at 12:58:36 »
Thanks a lot :D
Yoshi's Stuff / Re: NonGood WIP June
« Last post by pakkie on Today at 12:41:16 »
Maybe any help whit nongoodnes WIP -33
Yoshi's Stuff / Re: NonGood WIP June
« Last post by roydudul on Today at 12:25:50 »
sorry pakkie can't help you....

Help for GBA -57
No-Intro / Re: DS fix
« Last post by Ipodnano620 on Today at 12:23:06 »
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Please how many Mia for Nds ?

I have 5 miss

4098 - Amici (Italy)
5078 - Goldene Amulett des Pharao, Das (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
z051 - Josefin Skolhjalp - Lar Dig Stava - Stavning eller Kaos (Sweden)
z062 - Hello Kitty - Big City Dream (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt) (Rev 1)
z083 - Pixeline - Hotel Skrottenborg (Denmark)

Nothing of me roydudul

(Rien de mon coté royduldul désolé)

I took a break on the dat file.
AFAIK, the release names should be in capital form to comply with original scene rules. As file hash doesn't change with file name (thus 'a' & 'A' are treated as same), it doesn't really matter.
Thanks @wurstpeter, so in most cases I should rename my files according to srrdb? I don't see why someone would rename these files in caps over time? Is that an OS thing maybe? I know the files still match, lowercase or not, but it's bothering me. A lot.
Scene Releases / Re: NDS Scene 2009 Releases
« Last post by bingobongo on Today at 09:32:18 »
[RESERVED for extra files, releases list, etc]
Scene Releases / NDS Scene 2009 Releases
« Last post by bingobongo on Today at 09:31:25 »
in the next few days i will release PRE-ALPHA DAT for NDS 2009 releases.

NOTICE, with the PRE-ALPHA you can "REBUILD" your roms.. BUT.. DON'T REMOVE your SOURCEs.
ClrMame Pro tick away "Remove Matched Sourcefiles" = deactivated.
well, maybe you have some NFO in your rars/zips, which CMP could remove from your compressed arhive.
OR, maybe i do have wrong files within i made this dat.

i'm NOT adding any releases from the group LiTE.
after checking > 130 LiTE releases (did that 1,5 month ago with ~30, today with > 100), i came to decision that those releases are not DUPEs .. they are not FAKE's... they are BULL SHIT :D
as they have been already released by another groups.. LiTE just took releases from another groups, renamed and re-released them under their own group name, so in mine opinion just waste of > 42GB space.

thank you for listening :D
General Chat / Re: Redump vs. TOSEC ISO
« Last post by Maddog on Today at 09:19:38 »
In short: Things are never black and white. If you try to "fix" compatibility for one application, you are probably breaking it for another.

Please take into account that apart from the obvious use on emulators and front-ends, the GDI images are also used increasingly more on real hardware nowadays. This aspect will become increasingly more important as more and more GD-ROM drives break down due to old age. I know that changing the .gdi like you propose would definitely break compatibility with GD-EMU, which is one of the main GD-ROM drive replacements. A definite no-no in my books. If you are a member of any Dreamcast groups, you will see that it's a very popular method to use a Dreamcast nowadays and I prefer having that functionality over confusing a front-end and making it display the wrong picture (game still playable).
More info here: [You are not allowed to view links] Register or Login

The baseline problem here is that all amateur projects are by nature fragmented. Hell, even huge corporations have issues defining their standards!
 .gdi was a quick fix for a specific problem and its' specification probably was not thought out on every aspect when it was implemented for the first time (not even sure if I remember correctly, must have been Raziel putting that into NullDC). Even things like the 0 and -8 in the .gdi were a result of poor initial design if you ask me, but it doesn't matter anymore as it was accepted as standard anyway.
Then everyone else implemented their own use of the "standard". Expectedly, things can't be fully rosy. Leading to problems like the ones you describe. ;)

BTW, unique identification of .cues in TOSEC ISO was great when there was a site where I could enter a filename change and this was automatically implemented in the .cue and all tracks. For several years now, there's no such functionality anymore and doing everything by hand is quite simply a nightmare. Of course, I wouldn't expect you as an end-user to care about a ROM-renamer's problems, but this is another reality I have to deal with...
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