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Scene Releases / Re: WiiU Scene Missing
« Last post by torrentted84 on Today at 14:03:32 »
Just checked again and I see that the M.I.A. releases are stil M.I.A  ???
Other releases from those groups I could find except those.

However I am missing the following EUR releases. I checked from page 4 after february 2017 posts but couldn't find them uploaded here.

| 03/07/2017 | NFO | Disney_Epic_Mickey_2_The_Power_Of_Two_EUR_MULTi4_WiiU-PUSSYCAT
| 26/06/2017 | NFO | Wii_Fit_U_MULTi5_COMPLETE_WiiU-PUSSYCAT
| 05/06/2017 | NFO | Disney_Epic_Mickey_2_The_Power_Of_Two_EUR_MULTi2_WiiU-PUSSYCAT
| 25/05/2017 | NFO | Darksiders_Warmastered_Edition_EUR_MULTi11_WiiU-PUSSYCAT

Does anybody have one or all of these releases?  ;D
Thanks Thircase :)
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... Few months ago I uploaded a collection of old games to MEGA, ...

Hello Thircase,

Could you post the number of files and the size in bytes of each folder?

I'm still downloading 1997 folder and mega don't cooperate that much.

CD1: [You are not allowed to view links] Register or Login
CD2: [You are not allowed to view links] Register or Login

Does anyone have cd2 of Fritz_8-Razor1911 ? apparently cd2 is not needed but there is an sfv for it and i only ever got cd1

Also does anyone feel like testing these. I have the iso's but i can't rescene them. I get errors


On the first attempt with ARMA it quickly builds the rars, but too quick, keeps looping in circles, and doesn't add the cue file to the archive. Very strange
The others just don't rescene. Either no valid rar found or output errors
No-Intro / Re: Sega - Game Gear fix request
« Last post by turn7boom on Today at 11:38:15 »
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I own this game, is it still MIA? If someone points me to a guide of how to rip game gear cartridges I might do it.

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I don't have that DECRYPTTOOL release. ::)
Upload pls:
Thanks :)
No-Intro / Re: Sony - Playstation Portable
« Last post by helltoast on Today at 10:50:30 »
so what are the best .dats for PSP?

redump or the custom no-intro?

what about PSN?

the custom no-intro or the discontinued no-intro?
Scene Releases / Re: [REQ] Some missing Gamecube Scene
« Last post by ToeKnee on Today at 10:07:55 »
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Strange - those matched the dat files. Maybe my dat was too old. Sorry for that!

Yes, most were updated while bingobongo was posting so some sfv and nfo got changed because of that ;)
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