Author Topic: Possibilty of spam emails from forum guests  (Read 816 times)

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Possibilty of spam emails from forum guests
« on: April 27, 2012 - 15:46:32 »
A few weeks ago a decided to make a small change to the forum configuration which would allow guests to view the forum - previously, they would have to register in order to see anything at all.

It's been observerved by two forum members and myself it is possible for guests to send spam to other members who have their accounts set up to receive emails from other users of the forum. Now this isn't an ideal situation but it *is* preventable.

When you register an account with ROM Shepherd you are asked if you want to allow other users to email you (the default is no). We appear to have 154 accounts which are set to allow emails from other users (ie you said yes!).

I'd strongly recommend that you alter your profile so as to not allow emails from other users... do this through Profile --> Modify Profile --> Account Settins --> Allow users to email me... and uncheck the box.

The forum PM system is more than adequate for members to contact each other, If you want to share your email addresses between yourselves that is entirely up to you - just do it via the PM system.