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Re: TOSEC - ISO - 2012-12-28
« Reply #30 on: April 15, 2013 - 20:24:38 »
Now worst nightmare to occur.
This latest TOSEC release and reading..TOSEC ISO is dead and now not only did they re-introduce the images taken out last time i.e sega mega cd but kept the duplicate .ccd images so now we have...  TOSEC ISO, TOSEC .CCD and TRURIP .CCD
3 times the same exact disks.
Time to just stop collecting because this is just turned into an even larger waste of space.
THey should have just replaced TOSEC ISO with TRURIP .CCD images and be done with it.

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Re: TOSEC - ISO - 2012-12-28
« Reply #31 on: April 16, 2013 - 07:01:02 »
These issues have been answered a while ago [You are not allowed to view links] Register or Login. (scroll down to Cassiel's response at end of page 1 and my comments afterwards)
The main important things that Cassiel mentioned are as follows, but I recommend reading the entire posts if you haven't already done so:
The TOSEC branch 'TOSEC-ISO' is going back to the projects roots of purely renaming what's out there, just like the main branch does. We currently have software in ISO format (original TOSEC-ISO specs), software in IMG format (Trurip specs), software in GDI format (Dumpcast specs), as well as firmware ROM dumps, as well as a plethora of homebrew software in a variety of formats.

TOSEC-ISO will continue to add 'Trurip' IMG images. All previously removed 'TOSEC-ISO' ISO images will be re-added. TOSEC-ISO will continue to add 'Dumpcast' GDI images. TOSEC-ISO will potentially begin adding 'Redump' images. TOSEC-ISO will continue to add firmware/BIOS ROM dumps. TOSEC-ISO will continue to add any other format disc based image/homebrew binaries (of which come in a variety of flavours and formats).

Claims that TOSEC-ISO is "dead" never came from project renamers. AFAIK they were started by Ripper006 in PD and people transferred his opinions here afterwards (again, see linked post).
As I said, it's now time for every "iso" collector to make his choices. If you want all green lights for every available dat in ClrMAME Pro and nothing else, then you have to "waste" your space. Else, you are always free to choose which naming scheme/collection is better for your gaming needs, collect that and ignore the rest. I have provided my personal opinion on which set is currently the "best" if you only want to concentrate on a single set, just in case it helps anyone not wishing to decide on his own.

Initial attempts to replace TOSEC-ISO with Trurip CCD images failed, because Ripper006 didn't want that to happen. Now each individual gets to choose which project he wants to follow, with TOSEC cataloguing what's "out there" (just like the classic ROM branch) and dumping groups like Redump, Trurip etc going on with their own thing.

If further questions/clarification needed, feel free to ask more questions.