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N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« on: July 15, 2013 - 17:04:24 »
Hi all, Thanks to TerraCresta for creating this forum,

This is my first post in the Buy/Sell forum and I hope it will generate some interest. I was originally going to flog everything via ebay but after thinking about it for a while I thought maybe there would be a few interested people on the only forum that I go on. First a bit of my history and the reason for the sale, I've been collecting/using computers & consoles since the late seventies and as I have been fortunate to have worked most of my life I have been fortunate enough to have kept pretty much every system I've ever bought. But now I'm in the unfortunate position of having been made redundant 8 months ago and finances are now getting very tight. I was in the fortunate position of being able to pay my mortgage of with my redundancy so at least I've got a roof over my head.

The main things that have fallen by the wayside with only £71.70 a week to live on has been my Resident Evil/Biohazard collecting and Hard drives for storing all the emulation roms/isos etc. So I've taken the decision to start selling off some of my collection to finance my efforts on the Resident Evil / Hard drive costs.

The first systems I'm listing is N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II (Don't think this has been emulated but I'm happy to be proven wrong) The Gameking II is the first Model with a Backlight feature.

The way I would like to see this go is If your interested in anything then send me a message with what you would like and what you would be prepared to pay. Post and packing would all be at cost or if your lucky enough or happy enough to travel to the Derbyshire area I'm more than happy for people to collect. I would be extremely happy if someone wanted to by everything in one lot but as I realise this is unlikely if you only want 1 cart feel free to make an offer. After 7 days I'll compare all the offers and contact everyone to let them know what they've been successful with and also to give them the option of pulling out of the sale. If you require pictures of anything your interested in mention it in your message and give me your e-mail address and I'll send some pic's to you.

I aim to be as accurate as I can with my descriptions but if your in any doubt please ask for pics or an expanded description, Most of the loose carts are in v.good condition but a couple have Black indelible marker on them and two are ex-rental items that have been inscribed (Only worth considering if you really want them)

No for a little incentive :) I haven't spoken to TerraCresta about this but as he was kind enough to create this forum and as I'm poor enough not to be able to send him any funds to keep this exceptional site/community going I though I would do something a bit different. I've never sold on e-bay but I have looked into it and one of their charges is 10% of final sale price so to do my bit I would be quite happy to donate the 10% that ebay would charge to TerraCresta for the upkeep of his site (or a few beers whichever he prefers). So if someone wants to make me a ridiculously large bid and take everything in one hit then 10% of the sale price excluding Postage will go to the board. If someone bids a £1 for a game the 10p goes to the board.

On with the listing's

Nintendo 64 - Hardware - System
Nintendo 64 (Hong Kong Version) Mint boxed console (Will include Boxed Jap Version of Super Mario 64)

Nintendo 64 - Hardware - Backup devices
CD64 Plus (Unused loose backup device)
Doctor V64 (Ram expanded to 256MB Complete with Doctor V64 DS1 Cartridge)
MGD3 Doctor 64 Jr (Unused still sealed in bubble packaging and in original shipping box)
Mr Backup Z64 (Loose, will also include a Internal PC IDE Zip Drive, External Parallel Zip Drive Approx 14 100mg Zip disks, 3.5 Inch IDE to 2.5 Inch IDE Adapter, IBM Travelstar 2.5 Inch HD 10GB)
  The last two items on the Z64 were doing to be used to convert the Z64 to a hard drive will include them for the budding modder as I believe the instructions for this mod will still be on the net somewhere)

Nintendo 64 - Hardware - Misc
DexDrive (Mint unused in original packaging)
Joytech - Memory Card Plus
Joytech - Memory-Jolt Pack
Gamestar LMP - LX4 Tremor Controller Pak For Nintendo 64 (Mint Sealed)
Pelican Accessories - N64 Extension Cable (Mint unused in original packaging)
Pelican Accessories - N64 Extension Cable (Mint unused in original packaging)
Mad Catz - N64 Extension Cable (Mint unused in original packaging)
Mad Catz - N64 Extension Cable (Mint unused in original packaging)
Spook - Nintendo 64 Control Pad Memory Cartridge (Capacity 1M) (Boxed in original packaging)
HMV - Nintendo 64 WWF Vibra Pak 256K Memory (Box is a bit tatty)
Nintendo - Nintendo 64 Grey Controller (Mint unused in original packaging)
Nintendo - Nintendo 64 Yellow Controller (Mint unused in original packaging)
Universal Convertor (For Playing Imports) (In Original Packaging)

Nintendo 64 - Software - Loose Cartridges
First column is rarity according to [You are not allowed to view links] Register or Login
  1=Very Common, 2=Common, 3=Uncommon, 4=Rare, 5=Very Rare
Second column is Serial Number from the Cartridge
Third is pretty damn obvious :)

2 NUS-N07P-UKV  007 - The World Is Not Enough
1 NUS-NTEP-EUR  1080 Snowboarding
4 NUS-NSAP-EUR  Aerofighters Assault
5 NUS-NAYP-EUR  Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage
3 NUS-NBSP-EUR  All-Star Baseball 99
3 NUS-NBEP-EUR  All-Star Baseballl 2000
3 NUS-NAMP-UKV  Army Men - Sarge's Heroes
2 NUS-NLCP-EUR  Automobili Lamborghini
3 NUS-NBFP-EUR  Bio Freaks
2 NUS-NBCP-EUR  Blast Corps
2 NUS-NBHP-EUR  Body Harvest
2 NUS-NB3P-EUR  Bust-A-Move 3 DX
2 NUS-ND3P-EUU  Castlevania
3 NUS-NDKP-EUR  Dark Rift
1 NUW-NDYP-EUR  Diddy Kong Racing
3 NUS-NDZP-EUR  Duke Nukem - Zero Hour
3 NUS-NDNP-UKV  Duke Nukem 64
2 NUS-NWIP-EUR  ECW Hardcore Revolution
1 NUS-NEGP-EUR  Extreme G
3 NUS-NG2P-EUR  Extreme G XG2
1 NUS-NHGP-EUR  F1 Pole Position 64
4 NUS-NFRP-EUR  F1 Racing Championship
1 NUS-NFWP-EUR  F-1 World Grand Prix
1 NUS-NF2P-EUR  F-1 World Grand Prix II
2 NUS-NKAP-EUR  Fighters Destiny
2 NUS-NFOP-UKV  Forsaken
1 NUS-NGCP-EUR  GT64 Championship Edition
2 NUS-NHVP-EUU  Hybrid Heaven
1 NUS-NJPP-EUU  International Superstar Soccer 64
1 NUS-NWSP-EUU  International Superstar Soccer 98
2 NUS-NCOP-UKV  Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000
3 NUS-NKIP-EUR  Killer Instinct Gold
3 NUS-NKEP-EUR  Knife Edge
2 NUS-NNBP-EUR  Kobe Bryant In NBA Courtside
1 NUS-NZLP-EUR  Legend Of Zelda, The - Ocarina Of Time
2 NUS-NLGP-EUR  Lego Racers
3 NUS-NLRP-EUR  Lode Runner 3D
1 NUS-NFXP-EUR  Lylat Wars
3 NUS-NMEP-EUR  Mace - The Dark Age
3 NUS-NWKX-UKV  Michael Owens WLS 2000
2 NUS-NTMP-EUR  Mischief Makers
1 NUS-NMIP-EUR  Mission Impossible
5 NUS-NMYP-UKV  Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub-Zero (Bad condition Ex Video hire Engraved into plastic)
4 NUS-NMKP-EUR  Mortal Kombat Trilogy
2 NUS-NMRP-EUU  Multi Racing Championship
3 NUS-NG5P-EUU  Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
2 NUS-NH5P-EUU  Nagano Winter Olympics '98
4 NUS-NJAP-EUR  NBA Jam 2000
4 NUS-NB9P-EUR  NBA Jam 99
5 NUS-NQBP-EUR  NFL Quarterback Club 2000
3 NUS-NQ8P-EUR  NFL Quarterback Club 98
2 NUS-NPDP-EUR  Perfect Dark
1 NUS-NPWP-EUR  Pilot Wings 64
2 NUS-NPFP-EUR  Pokemon Snap
1 NUS-NPOP-EUR  Pokemon Stadium
3 NUS-NPMP-UKV  Premier Manager 64
3 NUS-NQ2P-UKV  Quake II
4 NUS-NRTP-EUR  Rat Attack
2 NUS-NY2P-EUR  Rayman 2 - The Great Escape
3 NUS-NRDP-EUR  Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
4 NUS-NRRP-UKV  Roadsters
5 NUS-NSUP-EUR  Rocket Robot On Wheels
2 NUS-NRGP-UKV  Rugrats - Treasure Hunt
3 NUS-NRKP-EUR  Rugrats In Paris - The Movie
2 NUS-NSKP-EUR  Snowboard Kids
2 NUS-NDTP-EUR  South Park
3 NUS-NCYP-EUR  South Park - Chef's Luv Shack
4 NUS-NSVP-EUR  Spacestation Silicon Valley
2 NUS-NEPP-EUR  Star Wars - Episode 1 - Racers
1 NUS-NSMP-EUR  Super Mario 64
3 NUS-NSPP-EUR  Superman
2 NUS-NTPP-EUR  Tetrisphere
3 NUS-NTTP-EUR  Tonic Trouble
4 NUS-NTQP-AUS  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
4 NUS-NTFP-UKV  Tony Hawk's Skateboarding
3 NUS-NRCP-EUR  Top Gear Overdrive
2 NUS-NTRP-UKV  Top Gear Rally
2 NUS-NTUP-EUR  Turok - Dinosaur Hunter
1 NUS-NT2P-EUR  Turok 2 - Seeds Of Evil
3 NUS-NSBP-UKV  Twisted Edge - Snowboarding
4 NUS-NV8P-UKV  Vigilante 8
1 NUS-NVLP-EUR  V-Rally - Edition 99
1 NUS-NWRP-EUR  Waverace 64
3 NUS-NW8P-UKV  Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98
3 NUS-NWNP-EUR  WCW vs NWO World Tour
3 NUS-NWTP-SCN  Wetrix
2 NUS-NWPP-EUR  Wipeout 64
2 NUS-N9WP-UKV  World Cup 98
3 NUS-NWUP-UKV  Worms - Armageddon (Bad condition Ex Video hire Engraved into plastic)
2 NUS-NTIP-EUR  WWF Attitude
2 NUS-NW4P-EUR  WWF No Mercy
3 NUS-NXFP-UKV  Xena - Warrior Princess

Nintendo 64 - Software - Boxed Cartridges
1 NUS-N8IP-UKV  FIFA Road To World Cup 98 (No Instructions)
1 NUS-NGEP-EUR  GoldenEye 007 (No Insert)
1 NUS-NKTP-EUR  Mario Kart 64 (No Insert or Instructions)
2 NUS-NSWP-EUR  Star Wars - Shadows Of The Empire (No Insert or Instructions)
3 NUS-NRWP-UKV  Turok - Rage Wars (Box is a bit tatty)
3 NUS-NWXP-EUR  WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (Tape on one end of box)

Timetop Gameking - Hardware - Systems
Timetop Gameking II (Mint Boxed Unused)

Timetop Gameking - Software (All Mint Boxed Unused)
Carlo Adventure Legend
Dino Adventure Legend
Duck Man
F1-2004 Racing
Feichuan VII
Happy Ball
Happy Killer
Street Hero
Trojan Legend

That's all for this week when everything's gone through and people are happy I'll pick another couple of systems to sort out and sell.


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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2013 - 07:15:15 »
a nice collection C0llector , do you have any pics of the N64 back up bits and pics and the Timetop Gameking stuff ? and what prices would you expect for these ?

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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2013 - 16:54:11 »
Hi Zyxo,
I've attached pics of the backup units and the Gameking stuff to this post that way if anyone else is interested they can d/load the pix's as well.

Regarding pricing I'm open to suggestions as I'd struggle to remember what I paid for them now. I know before Idoru left the scene I had paid him £150 for a mint boxed unused Z64 but as he vanished after he got my money and before I got the goods I can't really comment. But based on that which at the time I thought was a really good deal I wouldn't expect more than £100 for mine (it's not mint new condition but it does have the additions of the internal IDE Zip for a PC, The parallel port Zip Drive, Approx 14 Zip disks, the 3"->2.5" ide convertor, the 10gig 2.5" HD) If the Z64 would have arrived from idoru I would have kept his in mint condition and converted this one to a HD based system but it never happened.

The Doctor V64 did cost me about £250-300 when I bought it as I had the memory expansion fitted If I remember correctly they originally only had 16meg on-board but you could expand to 32meg which I did, I'm also including the DS1 cartridge which was bought at a later date but I can't remember how much that cost. Anyway on that and the fact that it is a system that I used I was hoping for £100+.

MGD3 Doctor 64jnr No idea how much I paid for this as I only bought it to be able to play Resident Evil 2 on the N64 and I think a week after I ordered it I got my hands on a loose copy of the game so I have never plugged it into a N64. There's also a CD with according to the label Tools & Demo's on it can't vouch for the contents as to be honest I didn't know it was there until I took the unit out it's shipping box today to photo it.

CD64Plus - Once again I don't know how much I paid for this one and as I'd already got the Doctor V64 I never used it. I did fit a CD Drive into it as they were usually imported into the UK without CD drives fitted. This in my opinion was probably one of the weaker N64 backup units the other three had some good unique selling points and this one didn't do anything new.

Timetop Gameking II - No idea how much I paid as I originally bought the Gameking mk1 but lent that to a "Friend" who never returned it got several games with the mk1 system then bought the mk2 with several more games the 16 listed in this auction are from the original two batches of games minus any dupes (the dupes were lost when my friend never returned the mk1)

So only the briefest of guidelines on how much I would like but please don't be put off If you want to put in a cheeky price feel free the worst I can do is say no. If you want to bid on a bunch of items then there are probably deals to be done. I did figure that the backup stuff would sell but that people wouldn't be much interested in the games but whatever is left over can always go on e-bay (when I figure out how to use it to minimize their charges.

Just so you know Zyxo I got the four different backup units for the N64 because thats all I could find at the time I probably never had any intention of using them all but the money was available I and I was/is/am known as the C0llector. I am keeping 1 N64 system and 1 game (Resident Evil 2) because I can no longer afford to collect any/everything. I'm know just concentrating on Resident Evil and to be honest that's fallen by the wayside recently. I would normally have bought the last new game for PC/X360/PS3 when released but havent had the cash available. So if anyone wants to do trades for any of the stuff I put up on here the only things I'm really gonna be interested in is Res Evil/Biohazard related items that I don't already have. (Especially any of the Airsoft Guns or Zippo Lighters that I don't already have).

Regards C0llector

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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2013 - 20:14:07 »
nice , if i wasnt married with kids i would have the lot , but then no one would eat for a few weeks in my family and id get in alot of trouble .

I am seriously interested in the The Doctor V64 and the MGD3 Doctor 64jnr and if the price is right i will def have them .

i already have a gameking v1 with alot of games but again if buy alot of stuff from you we may be able to get a deal done :)

i am assuming/hoping you are in the UK ?

perhaps you could maybe pm me some more of your collection for sale ?

EDIT :- the Hong Kong N64 is also looking like a good buy for me ...... but i would like to see what else you maybe have
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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #4 on: July 16, 2013 - 22:45:33 »
Zyxo, Check your PM m8.

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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2013 - 22:49:26 »
For anyone else that's interested I am UK based.

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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #6 on: July 23, 2013 - 15:07:39 »
This listing is now finished, All unsold items will eventually go via ebay (Make take a while as limitations on new sellers are pretty draconian).

Zyxo has bought quite a few items and when he collects then I shall be making the donation as promised.


PS - more listings will follow in the next few weeks

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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #7 on: July 23, 2013 - 15:13:15 »
Did Zyxo take the Gameking stuff?  :)

Was tempted... but thought I'd let destiny decide if you still had after Zyxo had his fill.

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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #8 on: July 23, 2013 - 22:26:01 »
Zyxo took the gameking stuff and a hell of a lot more that never got onto here. Atari Lynx, Nokia N-Gage, Virtual Boy, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Gizmondo etc etc

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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #9 on: July 24, 2013 - 00:43:30 »
Congrats to both of you - and thank you for offering to the community first!

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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #10 on: July 24, 2013 - 11:50:08 »
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Zyxo took the gameking stuff and a hell of a lot more that never got onto here. Atari Lynx, Nokia N-Gage, Virtual Boy, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Gizmondo etc etc

That's really good news... they get a good home (rather than random ebay resellers/numptys), and puts them far out of my way!

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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #11 on: August 10, 2013 - 11:40:36 »
Just a final post on the above, Zyxo collected from me on Wednesday and pretty much filled his car :) including roofbox. As I said in my first post I've just made a 10% donation to TC via the tracker donate button and the rest of the money is vanishing at an alarming rate. I've put £800 pound towards the holiday for my Mother & me so we are well on the way towards booking a cruise sometime in October, Car tax has claimed another £175 and the car is being booked in for an MOT within the next two weeks. Still gotta buy a 3TB drive and will hopefully have a bit of cash left over for the SD2SNES cart.

Selling the rest of the N64 games off on ebay will take a while as you can only list 5 items in the video game category per 30 day period for the first 90 days but when the N64 stuff has gone I'll list some more items on here.


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Re: N64 & The TimeTop Gameking II
« Reply #12 on: August 11, 2013 - 20:03:20 »
well i made it back with a very very full car load of the family and retro stuff . C0llector , i managed to squeeze it all in except the N64,Virtual boy and 3 boxes of PS1 stuff which my mum is kindly dropping down to me sometime soon :) . It was nice to meet someone else from the forum in person ( that makes 2 of you now ) and have a nice cup of tea,chat and a look at his ( very nice ) retro collection . I would have bought a hell of a lot more but for space in my car and my wife threatening me !!!!! . Once she forgets i hope to but some more stuff from you ........ :)

If anyone else is going to buy from C0llector i can highly recommend the stuff he has , it is all in good condition and packed/looked after very very well .

Im sure i will be buying some more goodies so when you have a new list with maybe some prices for full sets again please let me know .