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was able to give them to a marie curie cancer charity shop not far from me, took some convincing to explain the item is no different to dvd/cd's, just different output via the player/hardware. (music, video and games) not allowed to take any kind of electronics at all. (fair enough.)
the sour faced (money-grabbing) middle-aged cow took em my hands once she saw '$$$' to be made in them. (got no thanks from the kanker ridden vinegar blood driven hag. :X )
objective achieved. ;D

well, needing to clear up some actual storage space in home, been getting ps2 games given, and i couldn't bring myself to dump em on the streets only for them to be destroyed, charity/bad will shops won't take em off hands for nothing (philistines) and the one thing i haven't done, is approached anybody irl about two who have their own stacks and no space.
my motives are clear, and so are the conditions:
1, the only thing i want from this, is space freed up and KNOWING these went to a good home, or at least those who took them off my hands can do what they will with them. never met em, just a random internet guy i trust implicitly over real meatbags, the net gets priority.
2, i live locally, in (FFS) burnley, lancashire england. (north west region) i'll ONLY meet the person/s in a VERY public place in burnley (center ideally) so i can just have over a box loaded with ps2 retails..for FREE! (just reiterating that.) i'll check back at pm's as telephone details must be exchanged in order to appoint the occasion irl and thus, conclude the transaction swiftly, and with satisfaction.  :D
3, as you can see on the appendix of the outer sleeves, there from pawnshop, about to be ditched and smashed...not on my watch. (because i buy there cheap, i get free ps2 games on occasion, that's a backlog of doubles.) bear in mind, they come as is, wrapped up naturally, but these particular disks haven't been checked/dumped/verified...
so again, up to you of you're interested?!  ;D
4, as mentioned earlier, i want NOTHING for these, NOTHING...
just the knowledge they didn't die in a bin somewhere. (most, if not all, have their user manuals present still)
please look to the lower of this post to see the images attached as an archive (.7z) i just REALLY couldn't be arsed to list em by hand has other jobbies to do.  ;D (please pm me if you live in burnley, or prepared to travel yourself and exchange telephone numbers to arrange meet-n-drop-off ps2 games with you.)
this thread exists here first, BCG would be my first choice, but it's WAYYYYY too international to even consider the possibility those guys could live anywhere near me...  :P
@ staffs.
sorry if this broken any rules, destroy it as you see fit. (not sure if archive attached successfully...)
this subject now exists at it should've done in the first place...

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wasting time online, when i could be getting wasted and playing games...:(