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MAME Scale2x and CANAME
« on: March 18, 2015 - 17:33:19 »
I used the latest version of MAME that have the option Scale2x etc ..,
When I start a game option screen resolution works, but if I leave the game and I do not work from another, I find myself at the minimum size of the window or at the maximum depending on the option if the window maximized or not. If I close the program, restart it, it happens again the first time the window of the game is like I wanted it, but then not. There are of particular options to select or a problem of MAME.
Instead using the CAName beginning worked great, but now (not done anything prticolare) when launching a game, nothing happens, the program window disappears for a moment but then returns instead of mostrarela game window. Cancallado all files of the program and put its new it does not change!
I hope I was clear.
Thank You!