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Fruit Machine EMU and .sc6 files...
« on: November 22, 2017 - 21:59:56 »
...OK first... Hi ;) I've been using MFME on and off for years, and all kinds of other MAME emu experience, but recently pulled down a bunch of ROMS from various places (also around here!) but they are not like they used to be... mostly .sc6, A6g and bin files. How do I use these ROMS? I have MFME 5.x , but that doesnt seem to recognise them. Are they meant to be run in MFME or is there some other EMU to use for these?

Pointers? I have looked around but the only references I can seem to find re .sc6 format that makes much sense is that they are Scorpion 6 format.

Cheers all ;)